EP Review: Jeremiah Moon – Sputnik

The Breakdown

With a cello, vocals and some drums thrown in, Jeremiah Moon has gifted us something very special indeed.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter/classically trained cellist and illustrator Jeremiah Moon has released his debut solo EP – Sputnik. The EP was recorded with friend and producer Adam Black in a remote cabin in Florence, OR. “We laid down the main tracks during this time and pieced together the rest of the EP and arrangements over the next couple of years,” he explains.

Kicking things off in a laid back fashion with the hypnotic ‘Melusine’ which features some of Moon’s lyrical cello playing and we also get treated to his delicate vocals. The gentle ‘Housesitting’ is simply beautiful with its with its melancholic vocal phrasing and mournful cello.

Sounding like an orchestra tuning up with swirls of sound, ‘Kinds Of Light’ is an upbeat and jumpy track where Moon unleashes his heart wrenching vibrato. Allowing his cello to weave its magic in the interludes. Kinds Of Light also is the point where the EP starts to open up as it brings in some poppier elements. The chorus on next track ‘Sugarbrain’ benefits from these elements as the track morphs into a gorgeous sing along tune. Its a real highlight of the EP with its swooping vocals and floating cello.

To recover from his emotive voice and superb cello playing final track ‘Coda’ picks up on the opening mood of the EP with ‘Melusine’. It’s perhaps the best track for showcasing his cello skills and also how he constructs his music. With a blend of plucked and bowed cello enrapture as the music builds up under his personal lyrics sung in that haunting falsetto.

With Moon we find a talented musicianship and songwriter who is not afraid to create his own music moulded in his own vision. With a cello, vocals and some drums thrown in, Jeremiah Moon has gifted us something very special indeed. Whether he is wooing us with his cello playing on ‘Housesitting’ or hitting the heart with his falsetto on ‘Sugarbrain’, Moon has created a collection of tracks that are not only stunning to hear, but wonderfully constructed.

Check out Kinds Of Light, below:

Find out more via Moon’s Website or Facebook

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