Premiere: Diesel Park West – Pictures in the Hall

The album Let it Melt, out on September 13h via Paula Santo Records, marks a welcome, at least to the spotlight of lean, ragamuffin rock and roll outfit Diesel Park West. From it we’re delighted to premiere the new single taken from the record, Pictures in the Hall.

The band spoke to us a little about the single, saying “Pictures In The Hall is a three minute combination of our pop sensibilities and our lust for rock n roll swing.  We recorded it with a live vocal and pretty much live everything else in that now longed for old- school way. For a record to sound alive the band recording it have got to be drawing upon those energies  usually reserved for more basic human desires and if that happens then something great can be nailed to the board. We think we have done that with Pictures In The Hall which states quite emphatically that although it seems everything has been “ done before” there may yet be a twist and turn via the pictures in the hall wherever they may reside!”

There’s a whiff of the Stones about Pictures in the Hall, but also something of the Kinks too with its timeless melodies and quintessentially English approach and lyrical content. It’s the sort of track that massages you’re ears, and worms it’s way into your heart.

The best bit is that there should something warm and fuzzy for those of us who remember debut album, the classic Shakespeare Alabama from 30 years ago and for those just discovering the Leicester band.

Check it out, here

Of the accompanying album, the band also told us “The new album is a rocker but one which carries a certain wry lyrical knowledge and is sonically well informed too not because of any great learned mind amongst us but because we have been forced to digest the sometimes harsh lessons of real time life after first starting off on our DPW adventure more than thirty years ago during the era of major label indulgence and of course all the trimmings which came along with it long ago turning to dust. Experience enables a band like us to focus on what really counts and that’s what has happened with Let It Melt.If you agree welcome to the band if you are sort of neutral then play it again and if you don’t agree you are still welcome.”

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