Track: Aussie scallywags Skegss release the poignant track ‘Bunny Man’.

One of Australia’s most beloved surf rock trios Skegss have returned with a heartfelt tribute song for their tour manager, guitar tech, driver and friend, ‘Bunny Man’. In this current state of humanity, having a song written about you might not be the biggest claim – especially if it’s one of loathing or sheer retaliation – but this offering from the Byron Bay boys pulls on the heartstrings with tender lyrics and delicately raw production, as the band extends genuine gratitude to the man that has had a large impact on their careers.

Front man Toby Cregan comments on the single:

Bunny Man’ goes to extreme lengths to help people out. When I sent him the demo of the song, he said that he cried happy tears, and that made me so happy. He’s had a really tough couple of years because of the lack of gigs, so if this song got him to feel good for a moment, then that’s all that matters to me.

The poignant accompanying video, co-directed by Cregan, and frequent video collaborator Jaimeson Kerr, features the band showing Bunny Man the song for the first time, and includes a highlight package of their recent tours with appreciation shout-outs to members of their team and touring crew. It’s uplifting and emotional and has the demonstrative influence to turn a bad mood into a good one.

Skegss’ music has been intensely supported and praised by Australian fans and media, and the endearing trio have quite the resume to show for their efforts. With extensive coverage from Kerrang!, NME, The Line of Best Fit, BBC Radio 1 and plenty of other outlets, it’s almost impossible that one hasn’t heard about Skeggs. ‘Bunny Man’ is elevating and stirring; a fantastic new single from a band that has broad aptitudes and a deep love for their craft and their surrounding peers.

Out through Loma Vista Recordings, you can download or stream the single here or through the link below:

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