Live Review: Raging Speedhorn / Burden Of The Noose Birmingham 20.07.2016

So this review went a little sideways when I arrived at the O2 Birmingham Academy.

I was due to review Stoneghost on their support tour of Raging Speedhorn’s new album.

Sadly the night before’s gig had put that on hold due to Jason(vocalist) getting a serious back injury. I wish Jason well and I hope to see them on the road again soon.

However Raging Speedhorn called in a rapid favour and Birmingham’s own Burden Of The Noose stepped up to fill in.

Considering only having a couple of hours notice and using rapidly borrowed equipment Burden did not disappoint or lack in ability to bring to life to an excellent night of music.


A shot of Burden’s sludge/grind riffs throughout their first song Call Of The Dead made those usually reluctant, not quite drunk enough, punters prick up their ears. People moved forward and the tone was set for our enjoyment and evening.

I have seen Burden a couple of times and in particular on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival and these guys seem to grow in impact and ambience every time I see them.

To have such energy and full on presence with no notice and not on the billing was impressive. As their 7 songs progressed it was hard not to be taken along with them.

Their clear excitement was drilled home by both their animation and comments.

“We are glad to be playing here tonight. We were coming anyway, just meant we didn’t have to pay to get in” Andy Barraclough.


Their style of Sludge/Grind has their own identity stamped on it and it shows in abundance. Clearly a  group enjoying themselves whilst their vocalist stalks the stage with a sense of purpose.


If you see these guys on a billing I would recommend to do yourself a favour and grab a viewing.

Setlist :

Call of the Dead








So onto Raging Speedhorn.

I was introduced to this band in in 2002 when a friend called me randomly to ask if I wanted to be in a music video. The video was for the excellent Hate Song. Over those years I have seen the band several times and have always looked forward to doing so.

This tour is to support their excellent new, Russ Russell produced album, Lost Ritual. Definitly an album worth a listen.

So onto the night. After some great warm ups and a clear sense of fun in the air the band got quickly to work.

Setting the place alight with The Hate Song, the crowd couldn’t stay still for long.

The second song in, Bring Out Your Dead, is a new track, yet live felt familar and crisp. For me the next song, Motorhead, is a fantastic live track. The riffs are epic. With grooves and hooks but smashing you with their hardcore edge.


The next hour of new and old tracks was a pure pleasure with kinetics hard to ignore.

With two vocalists, the band’s energy has always felt unique. Frank Regan’s chest puffing, grooving, dancing, interacts with everyone. Whilst the second vocalist John Loughlin glares and snarls throughout the show screaming his lungs out.


After so many years of playing together there is a clear feeling of a gang getting back together, getting drunk and having a blast.  Their passion for the music is evident to all and forces a continual energy into the crowd.

After 14 years since my first live exposure Speedhorn’s music seems equally fresh whilst simultaniously recognisable.


A massive gap of years from touring and no new music since 2007, until now that is, has done nothing to detract from Speedhorn’s ability to perform.

Hopefully with a great new album under their belt and the ability to still nail a great live show means we can see more soon.



A great ending session with a guitar solos battle was certainly a different outro for the evening’s show but did nothing to detract from us all leaving tired, hot and happy.


Hate Song

Bring Out Your Dead


Dogshit Blues


Scrapin The Resin

Super Scud

Dungeon Whippet

Knives and Faces

Chronic Youth


Ten Of Swords





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