Track: Nire Bird Shares Dark, Playful New Single ‘Pardon My Reach’

Bringing together some playful loops, tight electronic production and eerie atmospherics, Nire Bird’s ‘Pardon My Reach’ see’s the artist explore n experimental approach to writing alt-pop.

Opening with a white noise tinted synth loop and cut up vocals, the track quickly sets a haunting, dark tone before growing into a tight electronic beat metallic sounds. The distorted, swirling vocals soon enter, delivered with a whispering, theatrical sting to highlight the tracks playful side.

The chorus, brings a sense of energy with choppy hi hats and deeps sub bass under the effortlessly infectious vocal line.

Speaking about the release, Nire explains: “You know phrases used without thought of origin, like whispered punctuations to other shit going on. Vaguely ornate sounding if you hit pause, ‘Pardon my reach,’ a swishy spicy pineapple martini arrived. A bar decorated with human embodied plastic, everyone trying to be seen, looking for that feeling. My company, an old new friend heard it the way I heard it. Mmm came a specific reach right round my… pardon….? We were tapped in. Oh pardon my reach chimed again and again as the night ticked. Every wildly inappropriate thing that could be hinted at was chased by it. A phrase now more a cheeky grin of I’m just gonna do this. your gonna watch. Wink!

In the end PMR isn’t just the fun ‘single’ or mischievous girl on a night out. It embodies the essence I’ve circled back to on this EP. An expanded allowing  of being who you wanna be, in your space without excuses. Not asking. Doing. Reaching for it. The doll called me is mine, I create my narrative. Quell the beast and take back the power. Be the jockey of your race.

Its inception came from leaning into those new connections where anything can happen and everything is fun. The beauty is cheeky and playful. Climbing out of your sandbox and letting life’s stories take you places. They don’t have to have anchors or fixed outcomes. Like the magic you can feel when walking down the street with a best friend not doing much. Being in flow with another. Everything is being tapped into the moment.”

An experimental, yet still accessible; dark yet playful track, ‘Pardon My Reach’ offers and interesting soundscape whilst still displaying a commercial edge.

Listen below:

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