Say Psych: Video Premiere: White Shape – Perfect Dark

Illinois’ psych and drone rockers White Shape are set to release their new album Perfect Dark on Little Cloud Records on 6 September and BSM is pleased to bring you the premiere of their new video, title track ‘Perfect Dark’.

The record appeals to an extensive audience.  Whether you want cerebral psychedelic, body moving rhythm, or hard-hitting riffs White Shape caters to your every need.  The record is an anthem to their collective vision, spreading out to showcase the various talents and specialities of each member of the band.  The group comes together like an ideological musical commune with no one aspect of the record overshadowing the other.  With a masterful line up of tracks you are taken on a journey that is crafted to heighten your awareness with the ever-expanding world around you.   Be prepared for melodic vocals that pair perfectly with a soundtrack to White Shape’s otherworldly psychic-landscape matching the over all theme of existential discovery.  From the hard and grunge riddled ‘Tumbleweed’ to the beautiful and ethereal ‘Relativity’, Perfect Dark comes through with a welcoming embrace that will leave you changed, enhanced, diverted, and content on knowing that the next trip can start by simply hitting the play button and starting the whole thing all over again.

Pre-order the LP here

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