News: Nire Bird Unleashes Haunting Single ‘Obsessor Doll’ From Anticipated Second Album

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Nire Bird, shares the experimental-pop odyssey ‘Obsessor Doll’. Offering tantalising taste of her forthcoming second album You Made Me Not the Same, the track showcases Bird’s signature haunting arrangements, futuristic synth design, and expressive vocal delivery.

‘Obsessor Doll’ is a sonic journey where hard-hitting melodic infernos meet an eerie lyricism, flowing seamlessly between screaming lead synths and pounding 808s. Bird’s songwriting continues to captivate with its high-octane confidence and ethereal mystery, creating a push and pull that keeps listeners enthralled.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track and her upcoming album, Nire Bird shared a personal anecdote that shaped the song’s evolution. “‘Obsessor Doll’ in particular started as an idea about a girl obsessed with a guy. But it felt wrong in so many ways like I didn’t want to write this message. Then my best friend started trolling me on social media and WhatsApp about my whole world. She said, ‘what’s wrong with you, I’m unfollowing you, I never see your stuff but this is too far, are you ok, what are you doing, you think you’re making art, you’re not making art, this is pornography.’ It went on and on and I realized it had been for years. Nothing about what I was doing was pornographic.

She was so wild in her shaming, female jealousy, and attempted control that it made me laugh, cry, and become deeply motivated in retaliation. I looked in the mirror and felt my obsession. So the true song revealed itself as a girl singing in the mirror becoming her alter ego and embracing her obsession. An obsession to produce and create while not being hurt by outside noise and criticism even when it’s someone you think is a best friend. In my reflections, I realized how deeply she’d been holding me back, trying to keep me in her box because she just didn’t feel sexy anymore as a mother.”

Nire Bird first made waves in 2019 with her debut single ‘Dark Beach’. However, it was the build-up to her first album, Beach Noir, that cemented her place in the music scene, with standout tracks like ‘Sexual Truffle Pig’ and ‘Yes Please’ drawing significant attention. Her return in late 2023 with ‘Pardon My Reach’ signaled a new era, building anticipation for her sophomore project.

A lifelong musician, Nire Bird’s journey to finding her voice came through an unexpected source: motherhood. Learning lullabies to sing her babies to sleep, she discovered a passion for songwriting. Since then, she has honed her skills as a musician, writer, and producer, creating dark and experimental musicianship.

Reflecting on her artistic journey, Nire Bird shares, “I could tell you about the art school I went to in South Florida where I played viola and piano or that I’m sunshine mixed with a hurricane. That I was sure I’d been kidnapped from a castle as a child and that I’m scared of fairy tales so I want to write new ones. The beach at night is where it’s at cuz I love moonlit tans in low light photography. All I ever truly want to wear is silk and bass makes me hot so I learned how to produce.”

Listen to the new single:

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