Your Favourite Enemies – I Just Want You To Know

It always feels pretty strange, coming to a band that have been around for a while and already have such an international following. Your Favourite Enemies hail from Canada, and are releasing their first single into the UK market on Monday 4 November. The band have been going since 2006 and have a strong following, particularly in Japan and they’re looking to broaden that still further, particularly here, having played a couple of London dates towards the end of October.

“I Just Want You To Know” has been around since 2011 but features on their most recent album, “Between Illness And Migration” (released through their own label Hopeful Tragedy Records in September this year).  It’s personal, powerful heavy indie rock that will reward listeners who take their music and message seriously and I particularly recommend it for the relentless hurricane of guitar that drives it forward. “I Just Want You To Know” could probably do with a bit less of the spoken-word section that breaks it down – seems a bit of a waste given the force of nature that powers the rest of the song. I’m just quibbling now…

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