Video of the Day: Just Lions – Monsters

So I’m too late for Hallowe’en. Who gives a rat’s arse ? I was on holiday carving Pumkins (sic) and doling out sweets and had scant time for the interweb there. Now I have the time and who better to help me make up that gap than Just Lions. I know, I know, I already blathered on about how much I like this song, well, tough shit. Listen some more. The video for “Monsters” (did you hear the intro ? AMAZING !) instantly made me think of “Everlong” by Foo Fighters, one of my all-time favourite promos. Yes, this is slightly more straight-ahead but then I imagine the budget was slightly smaller. But still, the comparisons are endless – there is romance, there is violence, there are monsters, there is suspense, you are given a heroine and a hero to root for. But which music video is the braver ? Watch if you dare…



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