MEET: we interview New York doom merchants GHXST + Spooky new video for Halloween

New York doom merchants GHXST have landed in the UK, just in time for Hallowe’en. In keeping with the season, and all things dark, the trio have today released a suitably spooky new video for the latest single ‘Galaxia’ , due for release on 10th November.

Not for those with a nervous disposition…

We managed to draw them out of the shadows for a few moments and got them to give us a whirlwind overview of all things GHXST…

BM: Who’s who and where do you all come from?

GHXST: SHELLEY X (VOX + GTR), CHRIS WILD (GTR + TRACKS), NATHAN (DRUMS).We are from California, New York and Nowhere…

BM: How would you describe your sound ? And where do you draw your influences from?

GHXST: Doomy, noisy blues influenced by the likes of  the Velvet Underground, White Zombie, Johnny Cash, Sleep, Eyehategod, Placebo, and the Jesus And Mary Chain. #DOOM !

BM: What binds you together as a band?

GHXST: Our mutual appreciation of 90s rock, cult movies, existentialism and soccer.

BM: When did you first get together?

GHXST: Right after Nathan moved from Southern California to New York. It was a last minute rehearsal for Blackbird’s Runway show in Seattle. It was our first gig, and it was in the woods at a Native American cultural center in the middle of nowhere. 

BM: Tell us about the latest release…

GHXST: Our new record/track etc is ‘Nowhere’ EP, written in the last two years between New Orleans, Nashville, and Brooklyn. This time we  recorded it entirely ourselves. We tried to make it sound like the great Southern landscape and the drone of New York nights.

BM: Do you write everything together?

GHXST: Basically, Chris and Shelley work together on everything and Nathan joins in on jam sessions.

BM: We just watched the video for ‘Galaxia’, what’s the story…

GHXST: It was shot in a week with Clay Adamcyk who we’ve been collaborating with for live visuals. He uses ‘video synths’ to manipulate overlay effects and I think that style adds a psychological future vibe to the video. The video was inspired by Philip K Dick novels, cult sci-fi movies like John Carpenter’s “They Live”, and taking trips to empty NY beaches at night. 5tqs_GHXST2

BM: I’m loving some of the underground / DIY stuff coming out of NYC at the moment. Anyone in particular you think we should be looking out for ?

GHXST: Lost Coves from Brooklyn cause they are killer! 

BM: And finally – what comes nect for GHXST?

GHXST: We are gonna make new music videos and we’re looking forward to playing in the UK again! 5tqs_GHXST1LoRes


GHXST – ‘NOWHERE EP’ out in December 2014 on Club.The.Mammoth

First single ‘GALAXIA’ on 10th November 2014


If you are quick you can catch GHXST at the following.

31st October – The Barfly (for Jubilee’s Halloween special)
1st November – Nightmare On Camden High Street

‘NOWHERE EP’ out in December 2014 on Club.The.Mammoth

First single ‘GALAXIA’ on 10th November 2014




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