See: Female hip-hop crew Heresy release video for “Da Call Out”

Taken from their self titled debut EP comes a new track and video, Da Call Out, from all-female hip-hop group Heresy. With Grammy nominee Monie Love at the helm, the band have signed to J Rawls Polar Entertainment imprint, and have engaged the services of another legendary figure, Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep on production duties. “In a time where many music genres are suffering in an array of areas, my wish was to put together something seldom heard of in organic Hip Hop today, that being a group,” says Monie about the project. “I wanted to further push the envelope with the neglected idea of a FEMALE group. Thus the birth of Heresy.”

Da Call Out lays down this soul infused backing that flutters and sparkles throughout, especially at the hook. In reality its about the four girls spitting rhymes and all of them – Monie alongside Dominique LaRU, MyVerse and Carolina Dirty, do it with conviction, skill and insightful social commentary on the state of America (with the emphasis on ‘the state’)

It’s a cutting disection of racism and (to a lesser extent) sexism, and whats more, it’s brilliant.

The EP is out on Polar Entertainment on August 14th.

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