Track: Rivals – Dangerous

Los Angeles Dark-Pop band Rivals have released a new single ‘Dangerous’. Their second single of the year after the release of their album Sad looks Pretty On Me which came out last year. The band have also announced their signing to Sound Talent Group.

Kalie Wolfe comments:

“I’ve been feeling new energy lately, something that I’ve finally accepted and am letting into my heart, soul, and my music. As I grow internally and my heart expands, I have realised something. I am amazing. I have fought, clawed, and become the person I wished I was when I was younger. I’m not letting people walk on me, I’m not backing down, and I want my energy to grow with me on this amazing journey through life. I hope others out there can use this song as a way to direct that same energy into themselves and believe that they can do anything and everything. Become Dangerous <3”

A brooding track that comes alive on the chorus. The verses roll along with Wolfe laying down her personal lyrics over Sebastian Clarke’s fuzzy bass and Micket Woodle’s sonic guitar playing, but it’s the chorus where the band come alive giving a board for Wolfe to spring her soaring vocals off.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

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