TRACK: Chris Orrick – Funny Things

… spiteful chants for the permanently scarred, death letters for the forgotten, surly hymns for charcoal lungsMello Music explain with regards to Michigan rapper Chris Orrick, whose latest single “Funny Things” dropped this week – the latest from his forthcoming album Out To Sea.

Akin to the socially conscious hip-hop that came out during the early ’00s (during W. Bush’s run as POTUS) rather than that of the mid-’90s, Orrick points his barbed rhymes towards the bemusing current affairs are still taking place in the United States to this day.

And the government is funny cuz they take a little portion/Then they spend it all on war and make us fight about abortion” one of the more pointed aims the artist spits during the track.

In all honesty, I was apprehensive when taking a listen to Orrick’s work. Given how popular the works of Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Dicky are currently, I was half expecting something the same. I was pleasantly surprised to hear otherwise.

The production is more reminiscent of early Flobots, while the flow delivered by Orrick is more akin to the likes of Common and Talib Kweli – interestingly enough, two names that are continually mentioned in the rise of ’00s social consciousness hip-hop.

A moment of happenstance, maybe?

Out To Sea is out May 24th 2019.

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