JJJJJerome Ellis signs to NNA Tapes and shares the infinite music of ‘Fountain #3’

JJJJJerome Ellis, photographed by Marc J. Franklin

Composer, translator, poet, and performer, JJJJJerome Ellis has signed for Brooklyn’s curating imprint of the beautifully leftfield, NNA Tapes (a label which is also home to other artists we’ve delighted in in recent months, such as the absolutely gorgeous piano-meets-sounds of the world as it is aesthetic of Ben Seretan, and the brittle guitar experimenta of Rachika Nayar).

An artist of many facets and whose CV includes a three-year composer’s residency at the 5C Cafe and Cultural Center, New York, and jazz saxophonist stints with Joseph Daley, Aaron Scott, and Shayna Dulberger, he also conceives of forms of what he calls ‘infinite music’ and live sound baths; and by way of celebrating his new label, has released “Fountain #3”, a new, perpetual piece, which you can hear below.

His previous such piece, “Fountain #2”, premiered exclusively at Brooklyn-based performance non-profit ISSUE Project Room 24 hours a day in March as part of his residency); and you’ll find his latest work an absolutely delightful wonder of pillowy, amniotic drone, cascading with flutes; consciously a beautiful refuge, JJJJJerome invites listeners to visit the fountain to slake their need as often as they want, for as long as they want, and he encourages them to use the music to accompany the rhythms of their lives.

JJJJJerome’s current practice explores blackness, music, and disabled speech as forces of refusal and healing; he stutters, hence the unusual inversion of his first name, which, he says, is the word he stutters on most frequently. “You can choose which spelling you prefer,” he offers.

In terms of concept – a safe, blissful musical space – he seems to be working in similar territory to Laraaji, and we could all use more of that in our lives. Props.

Connect with Jjjjjerome at his website, on Twitter and Instagram, and over at NNA Tapes.

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