Meet: We put the spotlight on Nocturnal Animals and hear their explosive new single ‘Outside’

Adelaide’s Nocturnal Animals are by no means your average indie rock band. They have garnered a lot of attention not only for their unique full throttle angular attack but also their theatricality and propensity for dramatic skeletal make up that makes you think of the Mexican festivities Día de Muertos. We premiered their single ‘Articuna Makes Waves earlier this year (eclectic and very exciting material with a breath of very fresh air and creativity) and the follow up single ‘Outside’ is just as exciting and thunderous.

‘Outsider’ has that acerbic bite that Nocturnal Animals seem to excel in: a bold swagger and studied insolence. Enigmatic both in sound and presence, this is a bold and brave music that quickens the pulse:

Nocturnal Animals have an exciting fresh sound that teeters on the edge of chaos and madness and lands firmly into anthemic and stadium-ready rock with a twist. Utterly cathartic. Out now, you can download/stream the single here.

Nocturnal Animals were put under the spotlight:

How would you explain Nocturnal Animals’ sound to someone?

If the music of Placebo and Weezer had a lovechild, it would be called ‘Nocturnal Animals’. 

We’ve got tunes to make you scream, cry and feel horny. In short, we have you covered. 

How did the “skeleton boys” come about/ what’s the story behind it?

We’d been in bands where we showed up wearing the usual Flanny and jeans, that’s what everyone does though, and we wanted to stand out whilst simultaneously creating an image that represented the music. The skeleton make up is a representation of how love breaks you down to the core, to your bare bones. 

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Outside’?

A reviewer said, “It’s the most cathartic and energetic track yet”. 

Outside is about being in a relationship where you feel constricted and claustrophobic.  Your partner controls and dictates what you can and cannot do You want to go left; she wants to go right. You want to break free like Troy Bolton, but you’re stuck playing basketball

What motivates you all to write and perform music?

We love it, music has been there for us all when we’ve been down, you could say it’s been a constant in our lives. Playing/writing is an opportunity to explore that experience for ourselves, a way to make sense of life. The cool part of it is you share that with other people who then interpret it in their own way and get to experience that with you. How crazy is it that you can write something personal about your own life yet someone you’ve never met can hear it, relate to it, and take comfort from it? It’s wild and we love it.   

Who are the biggest influences on your sound?

Nocturnal Animals as three individuals have different influences which we think is part of our strength as a band. It means we all bring a unique mind to what we do. Bands we’d recommend you check out though are ‘Biffy Clyro’ and ‘Remo Drive’, some of our favourites as a band.

What do you have planned for the future? 

Saturday June 26th, we play iconic Adelaide venue ‘Thebarton Theatre’ for One12 Festival, with friends Draining, Urban Youth, Dilettantes and Nuclear Family. That is a line up and a half! If anyone in Adelaide wants a show to remember go to Ticketmaster and secure your ticket! (You can find a link in our Instagram page bio here). We’ve been wrapping up our D.I.Y recordings for this first batch of songs and been to the studio to work on a couple for what’s next following this batch of songs. Watch our socials, follow us and join the Skeleton Family. 

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