Track: Flume has something to say – drops new track ‘Say Nothing’ and announces upcoming album.

Flume MAY-A Say Nothing

Aussie wunderkind, Flume (born Harley Streten) has just released a new track, ‘Say Nothing’ featuring MAY-A (Maya Cummings) and as if that is not good enough news to help lift spirits during the pandemic, he has also announced the release of a new album, ‘Palaces’ which will be out on the 20th May via Future Classic. #futureclassic

Work on ‘Say Nothing’ which was co-written with fellow-Australian Sarah Aarons, started in 2020 when Flume was living in Los Angeles. Flume struggled to write music whilst in America and has said how ‘Say Nothing’ only really came to life in 2021 when he was working in the studio with MAY-A after he had returned to Australia.

MAY-A has commented on the experience:

Working with Flume on ‘Say Nothing’ has been a really incredible experience. I’m such a big fan of Harley so it’s unbelievable to be in a position to create music with someone I look up to and can learn so much from. His creative process is a really inspiring thing to be a part of. I’m so excited for everyone to hear the song!

According to Flume, ‘Say Nothing’ is about clarity that is gained after the break up of a relationship. Despite the heavy subject matter the song’s driving beat makes it eminently danceable. Flume’s trademark beat is a nice juxtaposition to MAY-A’s plaintive vocals which imbue the song with sadness.

The video, directed by Michael Hill, features images of decay and degradation, with the opening image of a futuristic, skinless head a motif that is repeated through the short film. The futuristic head and other images of faces that are eerily projected onto plaster casts are reminiscent of the Godley and Creme video for ‘Cry‘ but reimagined for the dystopian 2020s which have been characterised by the twin horrors of climate destruction and a deadly pandemic.

It is clear from watching the video and listening to ‘Say Nothing’ that Flume, despite the title of the new song does indeed have something to say about love, relationships and the environment.

Flume has spoken about how, when he returned to Australia, he found a place to live in a coastal town in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The combination of working with his longtime collaborator, Jonathan Zawada and the natural beauty of his surroundings, resulted in Flume’s muse returning. Luxuriating in the sights and sounds of the bush, he walked around barefoot, ate vegetables that he had grown himself and found inspiration in the rolling hills and the colour of the sky prior to a storm. Flume made field recordings of the birdlife, which have been included on some tracks on the album. Flume believes that the title of his new album, ‘Palaces’ reflects the splendour of the natural world.

The album features a who’s who of international artists including Damon Albarn of Gorillaz and Blur. Other artists featured on ‘Palaces’ include Oklou from France and Virgen Maria the DJ and performer who is based in Madrid.

‘Palaces’ will undoubtedly expand on what Flume has somewhat revealed in ‘Say Nothing’. If the new track is a harbinger of the album then we can expect that it will be filled with the irresistible hooks and beats that he is known for. Importantly though, Flume clearly has something to say about how covid and the wonder of nature have helped him develop as a human being and being privy to those insights, is a very exciting prospect indeed.

1. Highest Building (feat. Oklou)
2. Say Nothing (feat. MAY-A)
4. ESCAPE (feat. Kučka) with Quiet Bison
5. I Can’t Tell (feat. LAUREL)
6. Get U
7. Jasper’s Song
8. Only Fans (feat. Virgen Maria)
9. Hollow (feat. Emma Louise)
10. Love Light
11. Sirens (feat. Caroline Polachek)
12. Go
13. Palaces (feat. Damon Albarn)

‘Say Nothing’ can be streamed or bought here.

Preorder the album here.

Flume will make his return to the festival stage with lineup-topping sets at CoachellaBonnaroo and Governors Ball later this year. Further live news forthcoming—visit Flume for more information.

Photo credit: Nick Green

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