Track: Brisbane’s Mallrat makes a welcome return with the dreamy pop of ‘Your Love’.

Feature Photograph: Kat Neisler

Brisbane pop queen Mallrat‘s brilliant EP ‘Driving Music’ (reviewed by me here) and a world tour in 2019 were all followed by a matter of mere months by the horror show of 2020 and 2021. Mallrat did drop a single ‘Rockstar in 2020 but it is great to see her back with her new single ‘Your Love’. With a sleek and luxurious instrumentation, Mallrat (the work of Grace Shaw) has a gorgeous voice – a wry, observational style that is velvet lined and evocative – and, with a nod to her earlier work as a rapper, there is a little rap sample interlude that adds a touch of grit. Shaw says of the track and accompanying video:

When I wrote ‘Your Love’, I was listening to a lot of old Memphis rap, like Three 6 Mafia and Project Pat. I genuinely loved producing this song, and am obsessed with the energy that the Gangsta Pat sample brings.

I shot the Your Love video in Tasmania with my friends James Robinson (Director) and Amy Dellar (Cinematographer). My favourite shots are in the final scene – it was 1am and we spontaneously decided to shoot on the football field. And then the sprinklers came on and it was magic.

Shaw’s skill is, as ever, in her clear eyed lyricism that is touched with a bittersweet blush and delivered with the most touching melodies:

I know your type, what you likes
A young corpse bride, cold as ice
I’m alive but I’m on fire
If that’s alright, I want

Your love, your love, your love, your love

The video has a beautiful simple expression as it follows Mallrat around in the faltering light unique to Tasmania – grainy shots with dizzy movements create a sense of abandoned freedom.

‘Your Love’ is available to download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Kat Neisler

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