Live Review: Lucinda Williams / L.A. Edwards – Vicar Street, Dublin 25.01.2023

Words: Letty Sharp // Photos: Ian Mc Donnell

On the 25th of January Louisiana country star Lucinda Williams played to a sold out Vicar Street bringing along rock act L.A. Edwards to open the show. This gig was waylaid because of the pandemic and her last visit to Ireland was back in 2016.

The band of brothers L.A. Edwards came onto the stage hailing from Julian in California. The name stands for Luke Andrew Edwards which is the name of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and brains behind the project. Luke revealed it was their Irish debut and they were very happy to be here. Their brand of rock is very easy, anyone can follow along. L.A. Edwards is one to check out if you want some easy-going music.

Lucinda Williams was up on stage next and the crowd were more than excited to see her. Helped onto the stage, Lucinda wasted no time getting into the first song which was, ‘Can’t Let Go’, which was a Randy Weeks cover. She then went into, ‘Protection’ and took a moment to explain what her 3rd song, ‘West Memphis’, which was inspired by a crime that happened in Arkansas, West Memphis in 1993 and Lucinda watched a documentary covering the case. The songs rolled on with, ‘Stolen Moments’, which was a tribute to Tom Petty and before ‘Lake Charles’, started, Lucinda gave some more backstory on how it was about a dear friend that passed away who loved Lake Charles, Louisiana. After a string of sad songs, Lucinda lightened the mood by commenting on the content of her songs and how writing about these events helped her process them. The mood was also lightened by someone shouting Happy Birthday to her and the whole crowd sang happy birthday to her. ‘Let’s Get The Band Back Together’, is one to dance to with an upbeat tempo. ‘Pray The Devil Back to Hell’, was dark and brooding and she finished the night with, ‘Righteously’ and ‘Rockin In A Free World’.
The night was full of great music and with Lucinda now being 70, if you get the chance to see her, I highly recommend it. If you catch her, you’re in for some tunes.

Lucinda Williams Set List:

Can’t Let Go (Randy Weeks)
West Memphis
People Talkin’
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Stolen Moments
Lake Charles
Big Black Train
Fruits Of My Labor
Are You Down
Lets Get The Band Back Together
You Can’t Rule Me (Memphis Minnie)
Pray The Devil Back To Hell
Out Of Touch
Rockin’ In The Free World (Neil Young)

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