Premiere: John McLucas releases new single ‘Play It Out’

San Francisco singer-songwriter John McLucas is back with a new track, Play It Out, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia this morning. After starting out as a songwriter/producer for other artists such as Krimetz, George Brandt and Tamara Bubble, he moved to LA to pursue his dream of being an artist in his own right. After a year living out of his car, he’s emerged with new music to put him firmly on the right track.

Of the new song, John says “This song dives into my struggle with being unlovable, which stemmed from previous toxic relationships. I was [wrongly] programmed to believe that there’s no way someone like me could be worthy of a romantic partner… and I f*cking believed them. But that’s the power of finding new love. It can challenge deeply instilled self-beliefs, everything you’ve thought was true is up for debate, it’s amazing and horrifying.”

Play it out is smart electro-pop music, with synths the shimmer and sweep, with drums and pads that pop and scatter at times, and draw together at others. Over the top McLucas’ warm vocal pulls the emotion and melancholy out of the melodies, whist ending it on this hopeful note.

Check it out, here

Hailing from San Franciso, CA, John McLucas is showing the Bay Area’s got some serious talent with “Play It Out“. “Play It Out” is an audio journey, that looks back on past loves and moves forward with a new one. John takes the production skills that he learned over the past 8 years to a new level introducing elements of synthpop/electro-pop, dark pop, and mainstream commercial. 

John started out as a producer/songwriter for other artists (Krimetz, George Brandt, and Tamara Bubble) and companies such as (URM, JST, Musora, and Oculus VR). He has also had a placement with one of his bands on Showtimes’ hit TV show – “Shameless”. 

Moving to LA to pursue his dream of being an artist/producer/songwriter left John homeless at first. Being forced to sleep at the studio he worked at for over a year and living out of his car in efforts to create music. Living and breathing his studio work was his way out, which you can clearly hear on his new single with its unconventional ending and the interesting play between rhythm and melody.

Coming off of his last track “Sanity” (which hit just over 1,000 views on YouTube) John McLucas continues to broaden the scope of what pop music can and will sound lik

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