See: As Sirens Fall unveil ‘Lily’ music video

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Where Lost Things Go’ released Friday the 13th of April. Their new single Lily, and more specifically the video, have been released to instant fan acclaim. The video tells the story of a world where the sun set one day and never rose again, with As Sirens Fall frontman Mikey Lord trying to make his way to safety wherever it may be found.

“We wanted the video to reflect the song in as dramatic a way as possible. I think people will take different messages and meanings away from ‘Lily’ after seeing it. For us, at least, it is totally about survival and hope. Hope that the sun will soon rise.”

The band is described as aggressive pop, and ‘Lily’ is no different. Taking it’s influences from the emo glory days of AFI and My Chemical Romance, it marches along with it’s stabby guitar licks to it’s sing along chorus. At times it wanders into territory that should be explored more. The ending is a glimpse of what this band could be.

In addition to the Lily Tour, As Sirens Fall will open the main stage on the Saturday of the 2018 Amplified Festival.
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