Premiere: We interview Swedish producer Friggen, plus reveal video for Miljoner Stjärnor

We’re delighted to be able to premiere the new video for the track Miljoner Sjärnonr, taken from Swedish producer Friggen’s recent EP Naiv.Super, out now on Muzai Records – grab a download or cassette here

We’ve also grabbed an interview with Friggen, who moved from drumming in bands to making the sort of beautifully serene music he makes now. With Miljoner Sjärnonr, modular synths and electronic ambience combine with a post-rock aesthetic to create an uplifting and emotive journey you’ll be glad to take over and over again. It’s warm tones lap over you, while its harmonies wrap you up in a comfort blanket of sound. It’s frankly beautiful.

Naming himself after the small houses built while Birgit Friggebo was the Minister for Housing back in the ’70s, Naiv.Super was Friggens first release for the ever brilliant Muzai label, and we’re delighted to have pinned him down for some questions on both himself and the release.

Hi Friggen, tell us a little about yourself? You used to be a drummer?How did you get into making the sort of music you make now?

Yes. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was a choir-singer as a child. I also took piano lessons. I started drumming at the age of 13, I have always loved music and I have always made music any way that I could. I started to study music with drums as my instrument. From Highschool all the way to university where I studied jazz. I have always loved indie-pop, Nordic folkmusic and post-rock. I have been looking for a context where I can play such music. At the same time I found analog Synths and love arose immediately.

You’re about to release your debut EP on Muzai. Tell us about that – how did it come about? Can you tell us a little about the tracks that make up the EP?

The world of eurorack-synthartists and dawless jams are big on Instagram. I also started to post short patches and synthjams I have done there, at the same time I also started to send music around to labels and blogs and Muzai quickly contacted me and wanted more. After the new years we decided on releaseing an EP of 6 tracks. I have done most of the music in inkonst studios in Malmö and in my own studio Igloon studio also in malmö. The ambition is to patch sounds on a modular synthesiser that are beautiful and to thru sounddesign try to make the sound fit the melody. The EP is as mentioned 6 tracks. First “Det kommer bli så bra, så bra.” A tender melody and kind of a folkish thing done in one take. Next up is “Miljoner Stjärnor”- My first ambient song. A beautiful thing here I was thinking about a choir. The third song Is also the title track “Naiv. Super” – It is named after my favourit book. The song is kind of a post-rock popish thing speaking of the naiv feeling one have that tries something new. A song of hope. “Restet” – The next song. Examines the line between music and noise. Is it music? I don’t know. Its something. “The fifth song is called “Gråt Inte” – Don’t Cry. I wanted to capture that first pat of comfort if one is crying. The last song is called “Björnen” its like a musical selfportait, its also my attempt to write a proper post-rock song although every sound is made with analog synths.  

We hear you’re a big collector of synths. Run us through your favourites, and maybe talk us through the ones you used in the ep?

Im a fan of moog synthesisers. I have a Moog Mother 32 and a Moog Sub Phatty. You hear does a lot on the EP. I have only collected synthesisers for about a year. My favorites are Plaits from Mutable Instruments, Milky Way from Endorphines and Functions from Make Noise. As an artist I am also a part of Inkonst studios regional residenial artists. In that studio here is a pretty big modular system from ERICA Synths. I love their Fusion-line. You hear them also on the EP. 

How does the environment you live and work in influence of impact on your work? Is it a crucial part of the music you make do you think?

Yes. Since it is instrumental music you often get transported by the music. My upbringing in the woods and The plain landscape of Sweden is there. 

How do you like to work in the studio? Where do you start?

I usually start with the Analog Synth. I Have an idea of what kind of music I want to make and then I start patching the first voice. Then I usually record a melody or a bass-line. After that I structure it a bit and arrange it. Then I fill the rest of the track with stems and drums. I usually write the whole song then and there. Maybe some overdubs are added later for sound and texture. 

Has this lockdown/lockdowns stifled you’re creative flow, or the opposite and given you the space and time to be more creative. 

Absolutely. Yes. To be able to look inward and let every creative idea take place without deadlines and other gigs getting in the way. 

What can we expect next from Friggen

Right now In writing music for som videoart, to be part of an exhibition In Italy after the summer. 

What are you digging from other artists at the moment.

Currently im back to old Tom Waits, Julianna Barwick and a Danish accordionist called Frode Haltli. 

The video is a similarly beautiful and ambient affair. Check it out, here

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