Say Psych: Video: Saint Agnes – Vampire

London based Saint Agnes are renowned for their visceral (and reckless) live shows, abandoning all concern for their personal safety and clambering around, all in the name of having a great time. Seeing as live shows are on hiatus for the moment, the band found a new way to shock during lockdown and have this week their gothic new video for ‘Vampire’, taken from their forthcoming mini album.

Frankensteined in the lower depths of lockdown, ‘Vampire’ is a tale of eternal and nocturnal youth set amongst the neon-lights of dark-pop: a fantastically dark, glitched-out anthem for the masses. Kitty explains “Vampire is a hate-letter to the addictive, exciting, poisonous trap of social media. We grasp for immortality through our digital avatars; we present our beautiful, godlike, sanguine virtual selves whilst our imperfect shells shrink and cringe in the shadows.  Self-loathing on repeat. Vampire is alluring and bewitching pop music with a rotten soul. What better way to get the heretical Vampire in the front door than to dress her up in the right clothes? A sugar-coated pill. Welcome to the Live Forever club, but do you really want to live forever?””

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