Film Review: Predestination


There are sadly many great films which unfortunately don’t get extensive theatrical releases. Last year the fabulous Violette, Finding Vivian Maier and Human Capital only got very limited screenings. Already this year, Enemy, Coherence and Maidan have sadly failed to get a firm foothold in cinemas. Whilst digital has changed the way we watch movies, it’s still depressing that so many good films fail to hit the big screens. The Spierig Brothers’ Predestination may be slightly frayed around the edges, but it’s a great film which deserves to be seen by many.

A Temporal Agent (Ethan Hawke) has one final mission before his mandatory retirement. The “Fizzle Bomber” has been causing mayhem in New York for decades. He’s sent back to 1970s by his boss Mr Robertson (Noah Taylor), where acting as a bartender, he meets John (Sarah Sook). After hearing John’s incredible life story, from growing up in an orphanage as a female to space cadet training, he recruits him to as an agent. However, There seems to be some connection between John and the Fizzle Bomber. John’s also in for a big shock.

Predestination is a very clever film. All too often with science fiction there will be an intriguing central concept but then the acting, production or storyline lets it down. The Spierigs do a great job in ensuring that there’s a strong central narrative running through the entire film. There’s a great breakout performance from Sarah Snook, who is absolutely astonishing in the dual role. Ethan Hawke also adds gravitas to the tale. Predestination has an intricate and clever plot, which will keep you rapt and tie you up in knots.

Predestination is out in selected cinemas on Friday.

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