Exclusive: Minimal Orchestra drops an exclusive takeover mix for Backseat Mafia in connection with their new album ‘Lift Off’

For the release of ‘Lift Off’ (out now on I.O.T Records) we are delighted to present a Takeover Mix from Minimal Orchestra.

Check it out on the Backseatmafia Soundcloud account below:

Minimal Orchestra new jazz-meets-electronic LP ‘Lift Off’ on I.O.T Records. 

Minimal Orchestra, a duo in the studio and a quintet on the road, are a group that craft and play delicate, expressive jazz tinged with electronic influences. Following the release of two albums and a European tour, the group readies their next LP, ‘Lift Off’ for France-based label I.O.T Records this November.

Across the LP the group deliver rich, improvised compositions with a psychedelic touch and dream-like soundscapes. Across the record, from the opener ‘Flued’ through to the end, the tracks shimmer with electronic and organic textures, sitting comfortably at the crossroads of jazz and electronica with a touch of jungle.

On lead single ‘Beat 2’, a beatless introduction of airy chords and bass licks evolve into a fast drum workout as additional instruments and FX are gradually introduced. ‘C’est la Vous’, the album’s second single, adopts a four-four pattern littered with live percussion and spontaneous keys. The third and final single, ‘British Drama’, brings together laidback rhythms and vibrant grooves with attention to melody, making for a lush and musically thrilling journey.


01 Flued
02 Piccolo and Bells
03 Beat 2
04 Don’t You Dare 1
05 Don’t You Dare 2
06 Tight Schedule
07 C’est La Vous
08 British Drama
09 FKC

OUT NOW: Lift Off | Minimal Orchestra (bandcamp.com)

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