It’s been three years since French abstract, hip hop, electronic artist Mounika. wowed us with his debut album ‘How Are You’. His second album, title unknown at present, is due this year with an announcement expected May 15th. To wet out appetites he has released first single – ‘Intro (I’m Sorry).

It’s a slight departure from the likes of ‘Cut My Hair’ with a more chilled out vibe featuring piano and vocals by Mounika. himself. Its a heart full piece with many of his world wide fans taking it as an apology for his absence.

Released via I.O.T. Records & MaJu Records it gives another glimpse into the talent that got him 70 million plus plays with next to no promotion. Lets hope he doesn’t stay away as long after this album.

Check it out, here.

Mounika’s bandcamp –

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