Rhys Bloodjoy is a one-man noise machine, using sophisticated loops, echo drenched harmonies and reverb-soaked melodies to create a truly unique blend of Cold Wave and Psychedelia. He has been suspiciously quiet for a while following a move from Manchester’s cobblestones to the mountainous climbs of Southern Spain. But one should always know, when someone like Bloodjoy goes quiet, something is afoot and BSM is pleased to bring you the premiere of his new AA single ‘Run From The Hunter / Celebration’.

Both tracks are taken from the upcoming debut album Human.Pattern.Repeat, which will be available on worldwide digital audio and video release from 15 May 2020 with a vinyl release to follow later, via Sister9 Recordings.

To accompany the release comes a subversive video, shot by Bloodjoy in his Spanish hideout whilst in a forced hiatus due to COVID-19. Whilst this is bad for most, he has taken the time handed to him and pulled together what can only be described as a stroke of master craftmanship. ‘Run From the Hunter’ takes a pulsating motorik beat, adds layers of crazed, warped guitar riffs and sprinkles subversive lyrics on top for good measure. It is a piece of dark, post-punk tinged cold wave unlike any other. Its counterpart, ‘Celebration’ ranks the tempo right up and requires the volume to do the same in order to appreciate the finer nuances that are wrapped within the enthralling layers of sound that are released. Combined the tracks mark the beginning of the next Bloodjoy chapter; one that is high energy, loud and unashamed.

You can download both tracks now, for free and pre-order the hotly anticipated vinyl for a discounted early bird price here