See: Panteon reveals new video for debut single White Jaguar

Travelling the world might well provide inspiration for songwriting, but its not often that that inspiration comes in the shape of the indigenous civilisation of the the Kogi in Columbia, still living like they did some 400 years ago. Well, not many people are Yvonne Ambrée, aka Panteon. She’s used the tribe, who are apparently considered as guardians of the earth they evoke a beautiful and strange unworldly grace, as the story behind her new track White Jaguar, taken from her upcoming EP, Travel Log 1, which will be released on Jan. 19.

Some of that unworldly grace and beauty is captured by the act of fluid movements and dreamy pastel colors in the video, but also in the song itself, which has this gentle fluidity about it, and this comfort blanket of a melody, alongside backing that sits somewhere between Zero 7 and Goldfrapp. Its beautiful stuff.

Check it out, here

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