Countdown To Rebellion – Day 29: Introducing Desperate Measures NZ

Desperate Measures, a fierce and unrelenting punk band hailing from the underground scene, unleashes a sonic assault that leaves listeners breathless. Formed in New Zealand in 1981 and now based in London, and stylized as Desperate Measures NZ they bring a raw and aggressive sound that harkens back to the roots of punk. With blistering guitar riffs, pounding drums, and ferocious vocals, the band captures the spirit of rebellion and discontent that defines the genre.

Desperate Measure’s music confronts societal issues head-on, tackling themes such as political corruption, social inequality, and personal struggles. Their lyrics cut through the noise with a sense of urgency, delivering powerful messages that resonate with a generation searching for an outlet for their frustrations. Whether through anthems of resistance or introspective ballads, Desperate Measures uses their music as a platform to challenge the status quo and inspire change.

With their high-energy performances and relentless dedication to their craft, Desperate Measures has built a loyal following in the punk community. Their music ignites mosh pits and creates an electric atmosphere at live shows, fostering a sense of unity and shared defiance among their fans. As torchbearers of the punk spirit, Desperate Measures continues to push the boundaries of the genre and amplify the voices of those who refuse to be silenced.

If some of the band look familiar to you then you’re not hallucinating. Vive Le Rock editor Eugene Butcher fronts the band with hard hitting skinsman James Sherry (ex-Done Lying Down and currently Dealing With Damage also) anchoring the rhythm at the back.

You can catch them on Fri 4th Aug in the Pavilion

You’ll find their Bandcamp page here

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