Countdown To Rebellion – Day 34: Introducing Bob Vylan

One of the highlights of Rebellion 2022, having had to be upgraded from the Introducing Stage, to the Empress Ballroom. This time they return to the same stage in their own right. The chaotic scenes from last year, when the stage was invaded by invitation, will live long in the memory. Many so called “punk purists” decried their inclusion in 2022 saying that they’re not punk, but with the likes of them, High Vis, Witchfever and The Meffs, the future looks rosy.

Bob Vylan, a boundary-pushing punk duo from London, are making waves with their fearless and provocative music. Formed by singer and guitarist Bobby Vylan and drummer Bobbie Vylan, this dynamic pair blends punk, grime, and rap to create a raw and confrontational sound that challenges societal norms. With gritty lyrics that tackle racism, inequality, and systemic oppression, Bob Vylan’s music serves as a powerful commentary on the state of the world.

The duo’s explosive live performances are a testament to their passion and dedication. With high-energy stage presence and an unapologetic attitude, Bob Vylan captivates audiences and creates an electric atmosphere. Their music is a call to action, encouraging listeners to question authority, resist injustice, and fight for change. Bob Vylan’s uncompromising approach to punk rock and their unfiltered expression of their experiences as Black artists in the UK make them a vital voice in the contemporary punk scene, inspiring a new generation of musicians and activists to challenge the status quo.

Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself on Sun 6th Aug when they return to The Empress stage at 21:10-22:00.

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