See: Dude York reveal video for Falling

Seattle’s Dude York have released a new video for Falling, the title track from their forthcoming album out on July 26th via Hardly Art.

The track is this lovable slice of indie pop/punk, with a nod to the likes of Best Coast and Backseat Mafia current favourites Tacocat, as they mix up this slightly wistful melody with slashy, shoegazey guitars and a driving rhythm.  “I feel like a lot of the songs that were reference points consciously or unconsciously for this record dealt with everything very much in black and white, and that really resonates with you when you’re 14,15,16, 17…” explains the bands Andrew Hall. “I think people who have nostalgia for those songs are exploring that grey area a little bit more.”

We like nothing more than singalong chorus’ and vocal harmonies sweetening things up, so right now, this morning, we like pretty much nothing more than this. Check out the cool animated visuals below




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