SEE: Toxic Avenger’s ‘Mandala’ has the Gallic groove

SIMON DELACROIX, aka French producer Toxic Avenger, is a man with many strings to his bow.

He DJs worldwide, won awards for his computer game soundtracks, and plies a nice line in that particular strain of floorfiller that the French do so well – that insouciant cut-up of funk, disco, analogue house and indie touches. 

And with his fourth album, Midnight Resistance, out now on Enchanté Records/Idol, Simon has released a video to accompany “Mandala”.

It’s as Gallic as it comes; 80s’ synth textures tumble away, all topped by sweetly disaffected lyrics courtesy French-Italian vocalist Ornette. 

“Mandala” has its feet planted firmly in doffing its chapeau to Dare-era Human League on the one side; and yet there’s plenty of Kid Loco, Phoenix and Motorbass about it too. 

Let’s face it, tout les garcons and les filles across Le Manche really know how to do this kinda funky, discoid pop groove. 

You can hear more Toxic Avenger, including his latest album, at

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