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Wether it's bringing new audiences to classical music or old audiences to her new brand of classical music that is Popsical. Flower's has created an album of breathtaking beauty. Intelligent composition and arrangement with a modern twist and plenty to keep many a music fan happy.

Chloe Flower is a name that you know. After her sensational appearance with Cardi B stole the show at the 2019 Grammy Awards there is many who have took notice. Now with her album out available to the world there is even more need to know her name and her music.

“I was thinking about the life cycle. You start with innocence; born with a clean state. Throughout life there is suffering which hardens you. But there’s always hope for something better,”

Chloe reflects.

“I want people to listen to the album as a whole body of work, which is why I have a prelude and a finale as well as the three acts. The ultimate goal was to make an album that inspires listeners, and makes people hopeful. It’s new, edgy and a sound that is authentic to me.  Even though my music has no lyrics, I still have something to say.”

‘Prelude No. 1’ gives you all you need to know about this album. Dramatic and cinematic piano is the name of the game on this album. Moving on to the second track ‘Innocence’ is where we get to hear Deepak Chopra and his take on the word Innocence and the beauty of music.

Third track in catches Flowers in her dramatic beauty. ‘Flower Through Concrete’ with it polyphonic melody lines is an engaging track that floats like summery breeze. This is music to close your eyes too. That breeze floats straight into ‘Tamie’ with its breathtaking collage of notes that sing. Its about this time you notice theres is no lyrics but there really is no need for any.

‘Rise Up sees Flower’ experimenting with added textures. Pachelbel’s canon is the basis for a urban beat meets classical. Sweeping strings swap the melodies with Flowers piano over a steady beat of hand claps and finger snaps. A switch and some Gospel takes over.

Interpreting classical scores carries on as we enter into the second act as Flowers treast us to her version of Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 for ‘Suffering’. The track also features Deepak Chopra once again, bringing his own gravitas to the Funeral March.

This second part sees the transmission of emotion starting to take affect, and it’s brought in spades on ‘Get What U Get’. Her lyrical playing goes beyond what we have heard already. Using a subtle hip hop beat in the background and adding strings helps to create a wonderful composition that stops you in your tracks. The same goes for the excellent cinematic track ‘Bohemia’.

From Pachobel and Chopin to now Bach. ‘No Limit’ spices up the famous fugue by adding strings, an urban beat and even some electronic noises. This is the Popsical genre she has been talking about and it fits so well in todays modern climate. Third act arrives with Chopra’s brand of therapy in track ‘Hope’ and she gets to tick another composer off the list with Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No 2 the main theme to this track.

A sweeping romantic score for piano and strings gives ‘Love Story’ a rosy warm feeling. The use of chunky piano keys mixed with sweeping arpeggio and joins up with previous tracks Tamie and Bohemia with its cinematic score feel. Something that Flower does so well and her ability to sculpt these compositions into a friendly

With ‘Bad Guy’, Flower has taken the Billie Ellish track and reduced it down to its musical elements, albeit of a classical nature. Theres still the echo of an electronic beat mixed in with percussive hands clasps and the piano taking the vocal line and lead line accompanied by strings. She keeps the originals fierce statement even without the use of lyrics.

The clear bell like notes of ‘When I See You Again’ is a tranquil moment. A beautiful lullaby thats played so sweetly you can sit back and appreciate the skill this lady has in her fingers. The notes simply wash over you with the uplifting ending that creeps up on you and leaves you sad that track has ended.

Luckily the album ends on one of its many highlights. ‘POPSICAL’ may be the name Flower gives to her unique genre but the track starts like a huge movie production soundtrack staying pretty close to the classical genre. Swooning strings and romantic piano and goes on to become an awe inspiring composition.

Composed, produced and recorded in the artist’s New York City apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic Flower has giving well known classics a re birth and introducing them to a new audience. Her original compositions, ‘Tamie’ and ‘Bohemia’ being particular favourites, show Flower’s ability to captivate and enchant. Her playing is remarkable, but what you really take away when the album finishes, is how she blends hip hop urban beats with her classical compositions. ‘No Limit’ being the real highlight of this. It’s as if it has always meant to be this way. I’m very interested in seeing where she goes to next.

Check out the video for track ‘When I See You Again’, below:

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