Track: Norway’s Sea Change shares the solitary longing of ‘Is There Anybody There’ with new album ‘Mutual Dreaming’ out 11 Feb

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With new album ‘Mutual Dreaming’ set for release next month via Shapes Recordings, Norwegian producer and singer Sea Change shares the latest single from the record, the hallucinogenic electronica of Is There Anybody There.

Of the track, Sea Change says it “came from a very lonely place – it was in the middle of the lockdown and all the streets were empty… quite lonely at times.” The artist soon adopted the mindset of someone lonely and alienated, who from the fringes of society craves contact and validation. Throughout the song, this feeling of delicate desolation and emotion is conveyed perfectly with warm, pulsing synths and fractured, wistful vocals.

Sea Change is the project of Norway’s Ellen A. W. Sunde. Since her debut album, 2015’s Breakage, Sunde’s sound has mutated from atmospheric dream-pop to shapeshifting electronica without a change to her creative vision. Despite the style, Sunde pushes and stretches it into new shapes and forms. This adventurous musical vision continues throughout ‘Mutual Dreaming.’

That music comes from a world sometimes more emotional than rational, is the overarching theme of the new album. Taking inspiration from the dreamspace of club music, each song comes from a shadowy place of memories and feelings that dance in the listener’s sub-consciousness.

“It was very intuitive and stream-of-consciousness”, Sunde says. “Visceral and very introspective”.

‘Mutual Dreaming’ is set for release on Feb 11th via Shapes Recordings.

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