Nightstream Review: Bloody Hell

As the saying goes, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Normally, it tends to work out ok, but sometimes not so much. Whilst blood might be thicker than water, that doesn’t mean your relations are the people you want to hang out with. Or that they might not want to kill you. Whilst families should stick together there’s close and there’s ‘close’. In Alister Grierson’s new film, Bloody Hell, Rex finds himself in some sort of Finnish Hell.

After being caught in the middle of a bank robbery, Rex (Ben O’Toole) becomes a hero to some but the authorities take a dim view of his actions. As his prison sentence draws to an end, he randomly picks a country to move to in order to make a fresh start. However, as soon as he arrives in Finland he’s kidnapped and wakes up in an unknown cellar, chained to the ceiling and missing half a leg. Rex’s only hope of escape lies with Alia (Meg Fraser), the daughter of an unusual family.

Bloody Hell is a rollercoaster ride into your worst nightmare. In a desperate attempt to escape his celebrity/notoriety and leave his past behind, Rex makes the worst decision of his life. There’s something rotten in Helsinki and the locals fancy a bit of American for dinner. Grierson styles an entertaining mix of comedy and horror, playing up the complete absurdity of the situation. Bloody Hell transports uniquely Australian humour to Northern Europe and will keep you on edge until the Finnish.  

Bloody Hell screened at Nightstream.

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