Meet: Evans the Death, and listen to ‘Suitcase Jimmy’

Having just released their 3rd album ‘Vanilla’ through the ever reliable Foruna POP!, Evans The Death were kind enough to provide us the following interview. Days before setting off for UK tour, and just a few hours before BREXIT, here’s what they have to say. Enjoy!

So let’s begin with the obvious question! Why did you choose Evans The Death for your band’s name? Please give us a brief bio of the band.

The name has no significance, it was just out of a book. I thought that people wouldn’t know what to expect from a name like that, but I’ve learned most people do like to know what to expect and to have those expectations met. That name has existed since 2008 when I met Katherine and started making music, but the band didn’t really start for another couple of years. We put out our first record in 2012 and our second in 2015. There have been a few lineup changes.

A few days ago you released your 3rd album ‘Vanilla’ through Fortuna POP! What should the listeners expect? Which are the main differences in relation with the previous two ones?

I don’t like trying to verbally sell or explain a new record because nothing I ever say is going to do it justice and I’d much rather people just listened and made up their own minds. They’re all pretty different, I think some people will like this one more and some probably won’t like it at all.

‘Suitcase Jimmy’ is a fine blend of traditional indie pop hooks with experimentation. Do you believe that this song is the most representative of your last effort?

Ha, sounds like a coffee. I don’t think there’s that much traditional indie pop about it. No, it was just the one deemed most suitable for radio, I’m not bothered as long as they play it. The album is supposed to be listened to as a whole, and this one has all these juxtapositions of mood and style between songs which are meant to have an accumulative effect. You’re not going to get that with individual tracks but I hope people enjoy them if that’s how they choose to listen.

Which were the most remarkable moments concerning the recording phase of ‘Vanilla’, that you’d like to share with our readers?

It was just hard work, nothing that remarkable I can think of but I enjoyed messing about with the synths and recording the brass.

For 3rd album in a row you release music via Fortuna POP! Which are the main reasons behind this? Freedom of expression, successful promotion, combination of reasons?

We have a recording contract with Fortuna POP!, so I suppose that’s the main reason. But we like being on the label. We get on well personally and we’re very much left to our own devices creatively; Sean doesn’t listen to works in progress. I imagine a lot of other labels would have stepped in half way through the last one and gone ‘no! what are you doing?’ but I feel like FP! believes in us, and all its bands.

What is like two brothers to exist and breath in the same band? Hopefully, I guess not something like Liam & Noel….

Olly and I are very close brothers but of course we fight occasionally. I think we’re more supportive of each other than competitive. Another thing is that it makes it more difficult for the band to break up, if some of you are actually related. It would be awkward.

What’s your opinion ob BREXIT? Many artists like Brian Eno are against it?

I’m about to go and vote once I’ve finished this. Remain, without hesitation. The Brexit mentality to me seems insidiously regressive and insular. It’s a big economic and political risk and for what? From a selfish point of view, I really value my ability to move within the EU unrestricted, and as a band, playing in Europe would be a nightmare otherwise. We’ve got a lot of friends from the union who live and work here and some say this whole referendum has made them feel less welcome, which is troubling. That’s how I feel about it, but nobody needs my opinion. I’m not an expert. I feel like I’m in a bit of a liberal bubble sometimes, socially. I guess I lean that way myself, but I don’t see the use of preaching to the choir. What’s the point in endlessly sharing propaganda online with your friends who already agree with you? I’m talking generally. I try just to be informed and to think for myself, which is hard nowadays. The whole debate has been used by people to get their across agenda as usual. But I haven’t heard an argument for Brexit that convinces me.

Which are your favorite indie rock acts/bands for 2016?

Ohhh, I don’t know, I’m not that excited by ‘indie rock’ in 2016 to be honest, it just sort of ends up all sounding the same to me, especially in London it seems.

Next month you are going for a UK tour with Porridge Radio. How do you feel about it, and what should the audience expect?

I’m excited, I really love touring and Porridge Radio are great. Again, don’t want to tell people what to expect, I don’t know exactly myself, guess we’re just going to try and play our songs live well and make it fun.

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