So we know that Charleston, SC quartet NEEDTOBREATHE have a new album out on July 15th through Atlantic Records. We also know it’s called H A R D L O V E, (yeah, that gap thing going on again) and we know the band can turn their hands to, well, virtually anything following the previous releases of the electro-rock-pop action of Happiness and the swaggering smart pop of Money & Fame.

Now, as if to prove they can pull at the heartstrings with equal skill comes the soulful blues of No Excuses. Yeah, it’s mainstream, and we could turn our too cool for school noses up at it, but it’s so damn lovely, and its got the sort of melody that makes you think ‘I must have heard this before’. All built over this simple guitar riff, layers come and go, with organs and a long guitar solo breaking things up, and some of the most evocative vocal harmonies we can remember sugaring the track.

Check it out, here