Track: Dana Gavanski reveals her take on Chic’s ‘At Last I Am Free’

Taken from her forthcoming covers EP ‘Wind Songs’, out via Flemish Eye on August 14th, Dana Gavanski has shared her version of Chic’s ‘At Last I Am Free’, often known by the brilliant cover from Robert Wyatt

I only discovered this brilliant song within the last year. Written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers and originally sung by Chic, Robert Wyatt does a superb cover of it that just blows my mind, with his bizarre but amazing vocals and arrangement: that soft and gentle mellotron flute that pushes the song along coupled with his shrill wizardly voice. The way he makes the covers he’s done his own has been a big inspiration on making this EP. He does a super beautiful rendition of “Te Recuerdo Amanda” by Victor Jara that is equally as bizarre, and a totally different world from the original.

Closer to Wyatt’s that the original, Gavanski manages to put her own individual footprint on the track, with sinewy strings, these accompanying low voices, and the her own incredible voice cooing over the top of this hazy laid back accompanyment.

Lovely stuff.

The Wind Songs 12” will be available in retailers as a bundle with debut LP Yesterday Is Gone, and is available to pre-order here.

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