American Heavy Metal band Lamb Of God have shared their video for Memento Mori. Taken from their 8th studio album – ‘Lamb Of god’ due 8th May. The song title is Latin for ‘be mindful of death’, and comes at a poignant time as the world tries to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Randy wrote Memento Mori months before the coronavirus outbreak as war cry against humankind’s reliance on smartphones, computers and television screens. Technology that primarily brings us bad news.

“While these devices can be useful tools, and it is important to stay informed, it is equally important to remain engaged with the real, physical world we with live in, not just digitally filtered representations of reality,” Randy continues. “I wrote the narrative music video treatment a few months ago to illustrate how warped and myopic our mental states can become when we fail to remain engaged with that reality – if all you pay attention to is catastrophe, then soon you will begin to see monsters everywhere you look.”

The track starts in a sinister manner with spoken lyrics and a walking bass line and eerie guitar. Then a shout of Wake Up! brings in the heavy crushing noise and growled vocals that make Lamb Of God. Epic!

Check it out, here.

Pre order the album here

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