Track: Neuro Placid – MDMA

Neuro Placid has shared his new track ‘MDMA’, the next release after ‘Silly in the Mental’ packaged in Neuro Placid’s signature dark humour, backed by a funky yet nightmarish instrumental.

‘MDMA’ is a song about the horror movie overdose that created the hell raising, rap star Neuro Placid (every mother’s favourite singer). He expresses the feelings of helplessness, lack of control and mania that many great creatives struggle with within the modern age of external musical validation, social alienation and nocturnal drug culture.

Neuro Placid comments:

“The only way I could describe Neuro is if you could imagine that in a parallel universe, Johnny
Rotten had a rap career. Influences are a mix of rap, punk and old school hip hop e.g Wu Tang,
Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, with the core controversiality and commercial success
of Eminem.”

Sounding like some cockney fuelled jazz the track has it all. From glittering ska influenced synths, quirky bursts of guitar and the joyous tumble of Neuro Plaid’s vocals. He even treats us to a sing along. Placid’s genius lies in his lyrics, wrapped in humour as he lays down his eye-opening life learned wisdom all delivered in a lively syncopated rhythmic manner. Captivating is one way to describe it.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Neuro Placid’s Website

Read our interview with Neuro Placid here

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