News: Barton Hartshorn Unveils New EP ‘Everything…’

Barton Hartshorn releases new EP, ‘Everything…,’ featuring the standout track ‘Everything is Better Than Before’ from the film ‘UnCancelled’.

This project blends flowing acoustic arrangements with soulful organ and electric guitar, creating a rich, folk-rooted soundscape. Barton’s vocals shine, produced to feel natural and heartfelt.

The EP includes the powerful ‘The King of my Undoing’, the hopeful ‘Sister Bird’, the melancholic Don’t Believe A Word’, and the emotionally complex ‘Belong Here (Dry Your Eyes)’. It culminates in ‘Everything is Better Than Before’, an anthem of confidence and ineffable emotions.

Barton explains: “I was in a packed cinema in Valencia, Spain, watching a film premiere, and my song played over the final scene. It was a special moment. The songs on this EP were written to accompany ‘Everything is Better Than Before’ on its first cinema outing.”

Barton’s journey began in his namesake English village, influenced by local folk singers. He started with Dictafone and later pursued a solo career, releasing albums like ‘Headquarter Café’ and ‘I Died of Boredom & Came Back As Me’. His success led to tours across Europe and the USA, and critically acclaimed albums ‘Not What I Expected To Hope For’ and ‘Manchester Sun’.

‘Everything…’ marks a new high in Barton Hartshorn’s career, promising a bright future with its heartfelt storytelling and rich musical textures.

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