Bristol’s Pet Shimmers are gearing up for the release of Trash Earthers, out on October 2nd via their own PS Records imprint, and ahead of it they’ve revealed two of the tracks from it – Snake Eats A Lady and Live-In Atrocity. It follows hot on the heels of the bands debut album Face Down in Meta that came out at the beginning of the year.

 “Overcome with a cloaking numb and an irresistible stagnation, two twins separated at birth reunite in a North Bristol industrial estate during the pink magic hours of a Los Angeles sunset’s dying blush, only to compare and contrast their staggering differences through snap filter remakes and Bebo profiles pic reunions,” ringleader Oliver Wilde explains of Live-In Atrocity, while adding “‘Snake Eats A Lady’ is a like shifter that falls between milkshake slurps and acid baths while stream friendly playlist topper ‘Live-In Atrocity’ paces up and down narrow ledges like a wiccan platformer about Abe’s Odyssee overthrowing Rupture Farms but in our reality.”

Live-In Atrocity is this slacker synth-heavy anthem, bubbling electronics and pads alongside melancholy piano, as it grows and evolves as it goes, ideas flitting alongside these hazy, yet pensive melodies

Snake Eats a Lady is much more upbeat, with stuttering accompaniment and driving drums proving a launch pad for the track. The slacker vocals remain, as things lurch from side to side, pulling the track through IDM, funk, and indie with such abandon its impossible not to like.

Pet Shimmers’ second record of 2020, ‘Trash Earthers’, out 2nd October. Pre-order it on tasty ltd translucent red vinyl here: