Track: Bloody Hell – In The Night We Burn

Photo Credit: Lana Gonch

Taking a hiatus after releasing two EPs, Hangover Riders (2010), What The Hell (2003) and a self-titled album (2015), Finland’s Bloody Hell return to continue the party as grumpy old men with strong 18-year-old angst. Their new record ‘The Bloodening’ is due out 30th April via Rockshots Records.

Last month, they kicked off the headbanging party with the full length’s first single ‘Burn Witch Burn’ and now, the band have shared a second act with their lyric video for the next single “In The Night We Burn”.

The band adds:

“This is a fast track and it includes the very first riff that Jaakko & Marko made! It took only us about 17 years to write a song around it and get it to the moshpit!”

With the dual riffing guitars, heavy drumming and insane lyrics this track shows the band haven’t lost it. Hitting like a speeding freight train, its seedy rock n roll done right and sounding fantastic. More please.

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Track Listing:
1. Hangover Rider (4:37)
2. Face In Hell (4:02)
3. The Undertaker (4:54)
4. In The Night We Burn (4:30)
5. Smoking (5:16)
6. What The Hell (4:11)
7. Burn Witch Burn (3:57)
8. Muders She Wrote (5:01)
9. Midnight Man (3:43)
10. Long Road To Hell (5:32)
11. Bite (4:24)
12. Kiesma (The Museum of Modern Art) (7:03)
Album Length: 57:17

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