Sheffield’s Sister Wives are back with the follow up to last years acclaimed debut ‘Gweler Ein Gofid’ with a new track taken from their forthcoming 10” vinyl single – it’s the flip side from their other track ‘Crags’ – ‘I Fynwy Af / Rise’, and it’s out on 26th February on Delicious Clam Records.

Of the release the band say , “Both “I Fyny Af / Rise” and “Crags” are about summoning the consciousness of the land in times of despair; calling upon the ancient gods that live in the rocks, woods, lakes, seas and trees, and exploring spiritual suspicions and witchcraft. We wanted to explore both sides: the fear of witches, and also defend these long vilified women.”

Surrounded by grungey guitars and punk-lined drumming, the best thing about ‘I Fyny Af’ is that it’s essentially a rather brilliant pop song that been deliberately scuffed up, with sharpened edges, a deep-rooted psychedelia and covered in a dank fog that makes it gloriously dark in so many way.

Check it out, here