Track: Steve Arrington releases new track, ‘Soulful I Need That In My Life’

Anticipation is rising amongst devoted funksters as Steve Arrington’s new album ‘Down To The Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions’ is due to drop on 18th September on Stones Throw Records. He’s been away for 10 years after quitting the scene to devote time to the ministry, only to be heard in snatches on samples from high rollers like A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg, and N.W.A. But now is time for one of the unsung heroes of funk’s second wave, former drummer and singer with the seminal Slave, to represent his vocal riches and song-writing gifts.

To raise the heat just a little more before the album release there comes a second taster ‘Soulful I Need That In My Life’. Whereas the first single ‘Keep Dreamin’’ was a gorgeous low slung slab of relaxed funk, the new track is more downtempo with throbbing bass foundation and a pop synth melody on top. As usual Arrington’s voice provides the soul, deep and soothing but with a few surprises to keep you guessing as he scats out those final phrases.

So the new record is definitely going to be no retro revival, as Arrington says himself ‘I’m trying to push forward and do fresh things’. All we can say is keep on pushing on Steve…it’s what we need right now.

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