See: The video for Elvis Costello’s ‘Newspaper Pane’

ELVIS COSTELLO could’ve been another ageing punk pioneer, making occasional appearances for the faithful; but instead, since his 1977 debut, he’s been uncompromising, eclectic, prolific and ever-present.

His total embrace and respect for all musicians and genres of music is what sets him apart. Despite his formidable career he sits humbly at the feet of the greats of his formative years, acknowledging their influence, while steadily becoming one of the greats himself.

We never know what to expect from him next, but we know it’s always quality, and his latest releases are no exception. “Newspaper Pane” is the fifth track to emerge from his forthcoming album, Hey Clockface; this one a collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell. Much of the album was recorded in Helsinki and Paris, but “Newspaper Pane” was written and produced in New York and features trumpet player Michael Leonhart, alongside an accomplished rhythm section.

As ever it’s moody, atmospheric and laced with dark, acerbic lyrics, with his instantly-recognisable voice stealing the show.

“Newspaper Pane” is out now on the usual formats, and Hey Clockface will be released on October 30th.

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