There’s seems to be nothing genre filmmakers love more than a good seance. Whether this meeting is a centrepiece or merely just an aside in a film, the possibly of connecting with the spirit world is an intoxicating and intriguing one. However, whilst the driver is normally an urge to speak with a loved one who has recently passed, there are sometimes more nefarious intentions, and outcomes. This is the case in Justin G. Dyck’s new film, Anything for Jackson.

Henry (Julian Richings) and Audrey Walsh (Sheila McCarthy) are distraught after the death of their grandson in a car accident. Desperate to bring him back, the doctor and his wife hatch a cunning plan. The kidnap one of his pregnant patients (Konstantina Mantelos) with the intention of performing a ‘reverse seance’, trying to summon the boy’s soul into the body of the unborn child. However, their satanic ritual doesn’t quite go to plan.

In a genre full of remakes, rehashes and derivations, Anything for Jackson is a refreshingly original take on a horror staple. Whilst the premise is unusual, to say the least, you ain’t seen nothing yet! It starts out strange and just gets odder by the minute. Dyck has managed to deftly balance elements of comedy, horror, drama and thriller to create an entertaining and exciting film. Anything for Jackson is a brilliant take on grief and bereavement.

Anything for Jackson screened at Nightstream