Live Review: Richard Hawley / Studio Electrophonique – 3Olympia, Dublin 06.09.2022

Richard Hawley brought his full band to Dublin’s 3Olympia for a sell out show with Studio Electrophonique stepping up as support.

Opening the night was Sheffield’s James Leesley aka Studio Electrophonique who played a 30 minute set of 7 songs and sounding at times (to my ear) a little like David Baker. Starting his set on the keyboards and then switching to the guitar for the second song called Jayne and then alternating between both instruments throughout his set.
Introducing his 4th song as the bleakest song he has wrote and then the 5th song as the most romantic but ironically called I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore lol.
Finishing up his set with a song called Buxton Palace Hotel the tittle of his Album.

There was a massive roar when Richard and band walked out on stage and started into Off My Mind after which he chatted with the crowd for a little during which a crowd member shout ”I love you” to which Richard replied ”I love you too, ooops better not say that as I’m an old man and might be arrested” lol and asking the crowd member how old there were? after hearing her age he replied ” I have peas at home in my freezer older” lol this had the whole room in laughter.
We were then treated to songs such as Alone / Further / Standing at the Sky’s Edge, all the time there was lots of bouncing from the crowd and after Standing at the Sky’s Edge, Richard said ”lets keep things bouncing even though the songs are pretty bleak” lol and it was the rockabilly tinged I’m Looking For Someone To Find Me.
Emilina Says came next to slow things down a little and the bouncing turned to gentle swaying and was dedicated to pointless male jealousy.
Tonight the Streets Are Ours followed and then Coles Corner which induced loud cheers from the crowd every time the harmonica came in and rightly so!
It was back to a bit of rockabilly with the song Galley Girl followed by Don’t Stare at the Sun where Richard played his Bison 12 string electric guitar, WOW! that is just some beautiful guitar.
Just to mention Richard had a guitar change for ever song and nearly most was a different guitar, this man has some amazing collection of guitars, its near worth just going to a gig to see them.
The crowd were encouraged to clap at the start of Time is and clap they did keeping time all the way till the end.
Open Up Your Door was next and then the monumental song that is Down in the Woods with its rises and lows and guitarist on his knees playing with the pedals. Any time I hear this song I cant help but think of the band Babybird.
Is There a Pill? that brought us to the end where before this Richard was heard saying ” it might be Richard Hawley on the tickets, but let me introduce you to some friends of mine and the band were introduced.
After this last song there was a standing ovation in the balconies, but it wasn’t long before the guys were back out and played an encore of 2 songs the slow melody of There’s a Storm a Comin first and then really finishing the night with Heart of Oak which again ended the night with another standing ovation.

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