Celluloid Screams Review: The Void

In a genre full of weird and wonderful offerings, Astron-6 offer a truly unique vision of horror cinema. They’re produced a raft of deliciously entitled shorts including Insanophenia, Inferno of the Dead and H.I.Z. (Erection Der Zombie). With Manborg, they created one of the most iconic cult horror films of the decade, following it up with Father’s Day and The Editor. Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, two of the collective, take it to the next level with The Void.

Officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is having a typically uneventful night shift until he chances upon a blood-soaked man. He rushes him to the nearest hospital, which happens to be where his ex-partner (Kathleen Munroe) works. Events soon take a turn for the worse, finding themselves stuck inside, surrounded by a group of ghostly figures dressed in white. Then things begin to get even weirder.

Whilst The Void is fairly unorthodox to say the least, it’s the most mainstream and accessible film to come from the warped mind of Astron-6 to-date. Eschewing CGI, they take several queues from John Carpenter, both visually and in terms of suspense. It’s a mix of a siege-mentality thriller and a weird and mysterious science fiction. The Void is an entertaining and refreshing slice of genre cinema which pays homage to the greats whilst also breaking new ground.

The Void is out in cinemas in December.

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