News: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett announces debut solo EP ‘Portals’ 

Ross Halfin

Kirk Hammett of Metallica makes his solo debut with ‘Portals’, a four-song instrumental EP to be released April 23, 2022 via Blackened Recordings across digital platforms, on CD, and as a Record Store Day Exclusive Ocean Blue Vinyl EP (including a download card).
True to its title, ‘Portals’ is a collection of gateways to myriad musical and psychic destinations. Recorded in multiple locales ranging from Los Angeles to Paris to Oahu, Portals is both the result of musical and metaphysical journeys. An invitation to inner worlds accessible only by music and the psyche it fuels.
“This music was created with what I describe as an Audio-Cinematic approach. They’re soundtracks to the movies in your mind.” – Kirk Hammett
Produced by Kirk, ‘Portals’ is comprised of the songs Maiden and the Monster and The Jinn on side A, followed by High Plains Drifter and The Incantation on side B (both co-written with Edwin Outwater, who contributes keyboards and leads the orchestral players from the LA Philharmonic on Portals — and with whom Kirk had previously collaborated on Metallica’s S&M2 concerts and releases). Other familiar names amongst the ‘Portals’ players include drummers Jon Theodore and Abraham Laboriel, Greg Fidelman on bass, Emmy-winning arranger Blake Neely, and Bob Rock.

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