Premiere: Sydney’s oWo unveil the post punk arctic blast of ‘Super Role Model’, the title track for debut album due out on 25 February.

Feature Photograph: Cameron Ramsey

We are very pleased to premiere today the new track ‘Super Role Model’ from Sydney trio oWo: a slinky louche slice of attitude-laden post punk rock.

With a sardonic and dissociated vocals imbued with a sneery attitude, the music is dramatic and bold with shards of guitar slicing the ether. There is an archetypal Australian laconic approach to a music style that is angular and sharp – think early Models, with the delivery of the Fall’s Mark E Smith. Cold, robotic and very, very enigmatic.

The response to what the single is about is deliciously cryptic:

In a dark room at the back of the pub, silent, but for the digital feedback of the machines, their muted voices urgent yet complacent. They’ve got to be fed, they need what I’ve got. I don’t have much, I never do, but everything that’s mine must be theirs. The promises they give me are always there, but always just off the map alluringly out of reach. One day, someday, they’ll give me the rewards I deserve.

The band has produced a similarly opaque video for the track: a monochromatic mix of performance and mechanics matching the slight robotic and automative thrum of the track:

This is immensely satisfying guitar driven music with an arctic chill and a studied poise:

‘Super Role Model’ is out tomorrow though the link above and all the usual download and streaming sites. Another delectable piece in the Marrickville Sound that is blossoming in Sydney.

The track is the title track off oWo’s forthcoming debut album due out on 25 February 2022 – available to pre-order below:

Feature Photograph: Cameron Ramsey

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